Experience the raw emotion of World War II battlefield action in this cross stitch pattern adapted from art by Abraham Hunter.

The story behind the painting in Abraham's own words from 2017:

"I woke Monday to the horrifying news of the cruel taking of life in the Las Vegas shooting. It's hard to describe how strong the devastation and pain of the victims hit me deep in my soul. What would I do if I was there? In what I can only describe as a spiritually inspired dream, I was transported to the killing fields of Hacksaw Ridge, Okinawa in 1945. The world was bleeding as humans fought to exterminate each other. But one man didn't partake. Desmond Doss, a devoted believer and army medic refused to kill, but rather joined the fight, braving thousands of bullets to save 75 lives. Each time he ventured into the dark unknown with death whizzing past him, all he asked God for was "Just let me save one more".

I discovered his life years ago, and Desmond has been my hero since. This angel was cast in to hell, but not even the deepest of darkness could quench the glorious light of his spirit.

In my painting I started Monday, we see Desmond racing in to the teeth of gunfire to save "just one more". As his heavenly Father's light shines down on him, this man's angelic presence lights up the hell that surrounds him. To the soldiers on the field that day, he was a "Guardian Angel". As wounded men cried for their mothers and children in agony and fear of death, he rushed to their side to give their hearts peace with his words, "I got you, you're going home".

Thank you Desmond, and all veterans, medics, first responders, nurses, and heroes that put others lives before your own. This painting is for you. Greater love has no one than this, to lay down one's life for one's friends."


  • Stitch Count: 250W x 250H
  • Finished Size on 25 ct: 10" x 10"
  • DMC Colors: 83
  • Large version available here
  • Includes black & white large print PDF, floss key, symbol key, page layout, finished design photo, and detailed instructions
  • Compatible with Pattern Keeper and Markup R-XP
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